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Board Portal Review – What to Look For in a Board Portal Leave a comment

Board portal review involves researching software solutions and ensuring they meet the needs of your organization. A smart checklist, comparing pricing and solution offerings from vendors, as well as a free test, are all important factors in selecting the right solution for managing board meetings.

Access to the board portal can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This allows administrators and directors to log in using devices such as smartphones or tablet computers that they already own. This means a more engaging and better managed meeting.

Another important factor is the speed at which the software of the board portal can prepare documents for distribution during a conference. Gen 3 board portals can provide a set of real-time tools to reduce the time staff spends preparing board books, and increase meeting productivity. This includes the ability for directors to instantly review and approve material on their mobile devices or tablets and automatically create and link minutes after each meeting.

A board portal of high quality should also provide a safe environment for the distribution confidential materials. This is achieved with the use of strong, encrypted passwords and cloud-based systems that allow for unlimited storage. It should have features to allow for quick and easy creations of board packages as well as support for online collaboration when reviewing and editing material. This saves time and eliminates need for large binders to distribute materials and courier services.

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