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Armenia Nuptial Practices Leave a comment

In the Armenian culture, there are many nuptial traditions which the bride and groom must comply with before the wedding. These practices help keep the day legitimate and memorable for all those who go to the party.


In old situations, a bride had not been allowed to visit the house of her bridegroom with out her mums consent. Its for these reasons a small feast day known as Khosk-Arnel came about. It engaged the groom’s home coming to the bride’s house with items and a formal invitation for the bride’s family members.

Shower the bride-to-be

During this time, a lot of women clothed the new bride in her traditional outfits. They also put sweets on her veil to represent wealth and delight for the modern couple.

Positioning the bride’s shoe intended for ransom

An alternative fun custom is possessing the bride’s shoes “hostage” before the groom or perhaps his bridal party pays a price to get them rear. This is certainly quite relationship with korean woman hilarious, especially when the shoes are filled with cash!,_People_and_Places.jpg

Reddish Apple

One of the most important practices that a woman must follow ahead of marriage certainly is the Red Apple tradition. A fresh ritual that confirms the bride is definitely virgin just before her wedding night.


The groom’s father or a godfather requires the purpose of toastmaster during the service. He makes a toast towards the newlyweds and expresses his appreciation for the kids.

Breaking the denture

Before coming into the banquet hall, the newlyweds should sometimes step on a dish and break it to symbolize their fresh marriage. This is a very unique and entertaining tradition!

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